A little more information about New Energy Focus

Climate action in Australia is highly politicised. Many argue that continuing to extract coal and gas is environmentally sustainable and economically necessary. This is despite the clear scientific evidence to the contrary.

Australia is one of the world’s largest exporters of thermal coal and liquid natural gas (LNG). Australia’s current coal, oil and gas exports account for 3.6% of total global emissions. Domestic emissions add another 1.4% to the worldwide total. This means that Australia’s contribution to global climate pollution is already about 5%. We are the fifth-biggest carbon dioxide emitter in the world. That is equivalent to the total greenhouse gas emissions of Russia.

It is also seen as a global ‘blocker’ in international forums, alongside Saudi Arabia and Russia. This positions Australia as retaining an interest in fossil fuel supremacy in export markets as a net energy exporter.

Our goal is not to sway your political leaning. We provide fact-driven information around alternative energy resources. These can help shift Australia’s policy actions towards a low carbon future. Our stories focus on issues relating to the Australian energy market and a sustainable energy transition.

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