5 01, 2022

What Is the Best Gas BBQ to Buy in Australia?

2022-01-12T11:47:51+00:00January 5, 2022|Categories: Consumer Products, Natural gas|

It is not uncommon to find a gas BBQ in an Australian household. Outdoor cooking is very popular, and it is strongly linked to the country’s culture. However, there are different types of gas BBQ that can vary from one another. Therefore, selecting the best option is not always an easy task. What are the advantages of a gas BBQ? [...]

24 12, 2021

Why Should We Care About Combustion Reactions in Diesel Engines?

2022-02-14T09:08:52+00:00December 24, 2021|Categories: Consumer Products, Fossil Fuels|

Australia is lagging behind the rest of the world, where other countries are phasing out petrol and diesel cars in favour of electric vehicles (EVs), according to a recent study observing diesel cars sales worldwide. This is because combustion reactions from diesel engines are a key contributor to the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. While electric vehicles have tripled in sales [...]

22 12, 2021

How to Choose the Best LPG Gas Heater for Your Home

2022-01-07T15:33:11+00:00December 22, 2021|Categories: Consumer Products, Natural gas|

Choosing a heater for your home is not as straightforward as it used to be. There are far more options available nowadays. But, the increased choice gives you the chance to choose a heater tailored to your specific needs. Let us take a look at whether a LPG gas heater is the right choice for you. What exactly is LPG? [...]

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